RoboCup 2022 Bangkok

After three years, we could finally attend another international in-person RoboCup Rescue competition; this time in Bangkok Thailand. Of course that did not stop us from improving our robot and in the first international RoboCup with our new robot Asterix, we managed to have a head-to-head race with the other two strongest RoboCup Rescue teams Shinobi (Japan) and iRAP (Thailand). After the preliminaries, all three teams were almost even on points with Shinobi being a few points ahead. Unfortunately (for us), the finals were focused mostly on mobility and dexterity tasks where the other finalists could show their full strength. Nevertheless, we won the Best in Class Exploration award with our autonomous performance and scored third place in the overall rating.

PhD Students: Frederik Bark, Kevin Daun, Stefan Fabian, Martin Oehler, Marius Schnaubelt

Master Students: Bastian Hirschel, Tom Linnemann, Alexander Ruffini, Aljoscha Schmidt, Jasper Süß, Nathalie Woortman

Professors: Oskar von Stryk

Cardboard Cutouts: Stefan Kohlbrecher