RoboCup 2023 Bordeaux

At the RoboCup Rescue 2023 World Championship we won the 2nd place in the overall scoring as well as the awards for Best in Class Autonomy, Best Team Description paper and the Technology Challenge.

This year introduced several changes to the league. The score multiplier for autonomy had been increased from 2x to 4x and a new multiplier for repetitions with degraded network conditions had been implemented. Additionally, the maximum number of repetitions had been capped at 10 to enforce safe navigation over speed. The 20-minute missions had also been split into 10 minute navigation and 10 minute dexterity, adding more variety to the scenarios. These changes encouraged more autonomy and assistance functions compared to previous years.

For the first time, we could overcome challenging obstacles like high steps fully autonomously using a whole-body planning approach. Another milestone were the first autonomously scored dexterity points in the history of the league.

Supervisor: Prof. Oskar von Stryk

PhD Students: Stefan Fabian, Martin Oehler

Students: Simon Giegerich, Lennart Goedecke, Erik Kohler, Jonathan Lichtenfeld, Tom Linnemann, Aljoscha Schmidt, Jonas Süß

DRZ: Dominik Becker, Robert Grafe, Manuel Patchou, Florian Schmickmann