Johnny (2014 - 2019) 🔗

Weight 55 kg
Height 1.47m
DoF 37
Locomotion Bipedal
LiDAR Hokuyo (Rotating)
Cameras 1024p Webcam
Additional Sensors IMU, 6-DoF force torque sensors in wrists and ankles

Team Hector’s humanoid robot “Johnny 05” is based on the THORMANG platform of ROBOTIS. Johnny 05 is quite lightweight (55kg) and 1.47m tall. Its modular design enables repair and replacement of any hardware component in an efficient manner. Johnny uses a custom hand design developed by Virginia Tech (by courtesy of Mike Rouleau and VT’s DRC Teams THOR and VALOR) as well as a new onboard computer and a new sensor head developed by Team Hector.

For the high level software for robot control and operator interface, Team Hector utilizes to a large extent the robot agnostic algorithms and software jointly developed with partners at Team ViGIR.

After the DRC, Team Hector will open source all its relevant software developments for Johnny 05 through an already established repository at GitHub to foster worldwide research and development in humanoid robots for disaster response tasks and has already started to do so. A basic open source ROS library for the robot has already been developed with support from ROBOTIS and made available at GitHub.