Team Hector DRC 2015

Team Hector's squad for participation in the DRC Finals was formed in April 2015 after successful qualification with its new humanoid robot. It consists of 13 team members (4 PhD student researchers, 8 Master's students, 1 professor) which are all affiliated with Technische Universitat Darmstadt. The team members cover the different capabilities needed for participation in the competition (hardware, software, organization)

Team Hector uses the momentum of its participation to boost its recently started developments in humanoid robots for disaster response through preparation for the DRC Finals.

PhD Students: Alexander Stumpf, Stefan Kohlbrecher, Alberto Romay

Post PhD: Marcell Missura

Master Students: Philipp Schillinger, Christian Rose, Dorothea Koert, Achim Stein, Christian Steiger, Florian Reimold

Bachelor Students: Marius Schnaubelt, Devron Williams

Advisor: Oskar von Stryk