Robot Johnny 05
Dimensions 0.27 m x 0.28 m x 0.27 m
Locomotion Wheels (Differential)
Speed 0.27 m/s
Sensors 2D Lidar, IMU, 360° camera, RGB-D camera

The robot named Idefix was designed and built as a student project serving as the "little brother" of Asterix. Although it is not able to perform manipulation, it can help in perception tasks and mapping of the environment, benefiting from its small size.

Idefix is a four-wheeled robot of small size equipped with a 2D Lidar, a 360° camera and an RGB-D camera to perceive its surroundings. To illuminate even the darkest environments, it features high-power LEDs.

Originally, the robot was planned to be used at World Robot Summit 2020 in confined spaces like pipes or ventilation ducts due to its very compact design of just 0.27 m x 0.28 m x 0.27 m. Further applications include the autonomous creation of 2D maps, detection of rust or foreign objects, and image streams providing information of otherwise inaccessible areas.