Robot Johnny 05
Weight 58 kg
Speed 1.1 m/s
Dimensions 0.72 m x 0.52 x 0.69 m [L x W x H]
Max. obstacle height 0.3 m
Degrees of freedom 12
Sensors Rotating VLP-16, 4x Depth Cameras, 360° Camera, CO2 Sensor, 2x Thermal camera

Asterix is a highly-mobile rescue robot platform developed in a student project. It is designed for autonomous exploration and mapping in challenging terrain. The robot combines good sensor coverage with high mobility and manipulation capabilities. The movable flippers can be used to climb obstacles and stairs. The compactly foldable 6-DOF arm with under-actuated gripper can perform manipulation tasks such as closing valves or opening doors.
Thanks to its versatile capabilities, Asterix is successfully deployed in the RoboCup Rescue competition and is used for research of autonomous assistance functions for urban search and rescue robots.