DRZ Telemax

Robot Johnny 05
Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 0.81 m x 0.4 m x 0.78 m
Locomotion Tracks
Degrees of freedom 12
Sensors Rotating VLP-16 Lidar, 360° Camera, Depth Cameras, IMU ,Wide angle camera

The Telemax Hybrid by Telerob is used for research of autonomous assistance functions for urban search and rescue robots as part of the German Center for Rescue Robotics.
The base platform is equipped with rubber tracks and four flippers which can modify the track geometry in order to overcome obstacles.

In a compact configuration, the robot has the dimensions of 0.81 m x 0.40 m x 0.78 m and weighs 80 kg. Fully stretched out, the arm can reach more than 1.5 m and carry 7.5 kg.
Standing on its flippers the robot can reach a height of 2.5 m. Thereby, enabling versatile manipulation capabilities.

The tracked platform carries a modular autonomy box developed by Team Hector equipped with a continuously rotating lidar to create 3D point clouds, an omnidirectional camera and a RGBD-camera.

The robot was successfully deployed during Enrich 2019, exploring a nuclear power plant, locating radiation sources and saving a missing worker. The combination of high mobility, various sensing capabilities and advanced algorithms enabled Team Hector to win the mapping award.